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Meet Shawnte'e Cotright


Born and raised in Richmond, CA, I’ve always known two things: helping others is my purpose and entrepreneurship is in my blood!  While raising my family, I worked in the nonprofit and government sectors. I’ve launched several businesses, including a furniture business, a gourmet popcorn company, a moving service, and a vegan pop-up shop. 


When I was diagnosed with hypertension at age 39, I knew medication couldn’t be the only option. So, I began taking Holistic Health education courses learning all I could about food’s effect on chronic disease, health disparities, climate change, food politics, and stress reduction. I stopped using chemicals and preservatives in my food, on my body, skin, hair, and around my home. I started spending more active time in nature. Eventually, I eliminated meat and dairy from my diet, while integrating more and more whole and plant-based foods. These changes have been nothing short of an awakening for me—and the inspiration behind the creation of 100% Healthier Foods.


Today, I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Food for Life Instructor, and Minority Business Enterprise.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Humanities/Business and am currently working towards my master’s degree in Integrative Nutrition. Through my work, I am thrilled to share what I’ve learned to help others benefit.


When I’m not working, I like brainstorming my latest business venture, teaching virtual culinary education classes, reading, attending tradeshows, growing herbs, making natural products, trying new vegan restaurants, hiking, and spending quality time with my family.


When you’re ready to take that next step towards a happy, healthier you, I can’t wait to meet you.

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